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Edit EXIF Time

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Unlike the other items under the 'Edit' menu, the new time is immediately written to the EXIF headers and doesn't require you to process them. For that reason, you can only edit the times of images that are already EXIF (or EXIF capable) format, i.e. JPG, TIF, DNG, NEF, CR2, MRW, ERF, RAF, ORF, PEF, ARW SR2, SRW, RW2, RAW, RWL, and MEF.

Since time formats vary with the user's locale, you can't edit the time by typing directly into the cell. You have to first highlight the image(s) and then select either of the options below

Specify a Specific Time

Use this option to edit an existing EXIF time or to assign an EXIF time to an image that doesn't currently have one.

You can enter the new times in either absolute terms (of the form YYYY:MM:SS HH:MM:SS) or, if a time already exists, a number of seconds to add to (or subtract from) the current time. When entering relative times, you must precede the number of seconds with an @ sign. Negative numbers go back in time, positive numbers forward.

For example, if you want the new time to be 1 second before midnight on the 3rd day of the year, you would enter 2006:01:03 23:59:59. Note the leading zeros, when needed, and the space between the date and time. If you want the time to be 1 hour behind where it currently is, enter @-3600. To set it 1 minute ahead, enter @60.

If you want to change the image's disk date so that it matches the EXIF time stamp, redate the images.

Shift by Seconds or by Timezone

Use this option to apply the current UtcTimeBias and/or CameraOffset values to the image timestamps. The adjustments are always applied to the original images. This, in effect, allows you to move an image to a different timezone and/or to correct the timestamps per the camera clock's error at the time the photos were taken.

Use this feature after you've geocoded the images if it's important for your photos to have exact timestamps based on a specific time zone. You can use the PromptToEditTimestampsAfterGeocoding preference setting to remind you to do that.

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