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Ordering RoboGEO v6.3 is safe and easy. Your order will be fulfilled by SWREG, Inc., a division of Digital River. The entire process is fully automated and only takes a few minutes.

If we have previously created an OEM version of RoboGEO for your organization, click HERE to purchase.

You can purchase using any major credit card (on-line, fax or phone), PayPal (USA only), check (USA only), invoice, or wire transfer using any major currency.

Registered users receive FREE lifetime upgrades and there's a 30-day money back Guarantee.

We do not use resellers or affiliates - we only sell direct and at the prices listed here.

After purchasing, we'll e-mail you an unlock code that will fully upgrade the demo version to registered.

Note the prices below are in U.S. Dollars. Click the Order button to see the price in your currency.

Attention USA government entities: You don't need to submit your order using this form. Simply send your purchase order to sales@robogeo.com and we'll immediately issue the unlock code(s) and then invoice you for the balance net 30 days. Our contact info is here. We'll provide any other information that you may need (like our FEIN) upon receipt of your P.O. or upon your prior request.

Step #1 - Place the Order

Select the appropriate license, then click the Order button.

 SINGLE USER LICENSE (Download - $79.95 USD). This license is for a single individual. It allows the application to be installed on a maximum of 3 different computers provided that the individual who purchases the license owns each computer and provided that there would be no concurrent use of the application. For example, the purchaser may install the application on a desktop computer at work, a personal computer at home, and on a laptop.

 10-USER LICENSE (Download and CD-ROM - $399.95 USD). This license is for an organization. It allows the application to be installed on a maximum of 10 computers at a single specific physical location where it may be used by any number of people. For example, a company who needs to install the application on 20 workstations will need two 10-User Licenses.

NOTE: To remove the order form's 'Registration Backup Service', click the trashcan icon () that's next to it.

Step #2 - Check Your E-mail

Once your payment has been processed, you'll receive an e-mail containing your unlock code. This usually happens within a minute, but can take longer depending on the time it takes for the message to reach your mailbox and/or if your order requires manual review. Save this e-mail message.

Step #3 - Unlock the Demo

Start RoboGEO, then select the 'Unlock Demo' option from the 'Help' pull down menu. Enter the unlock code found in the e-mail message into the appropriate box. If you need additional help, see the unlock page.

You're done. Thanks for ordering!

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