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Edit IPTC Data

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You can edit the IPTC data either manually (as described below) or you can use KML polygon files if you only need to update the IPTC Headline (from the polygon name) and/or Caption Abstract (from the polygon description) fields. Click the 'Edit Per KML Polygons' button on the IPTC Editor form to load a KML file. More info about Google Earth KML polygons and how the program deals with them is here.

Original Copy

Select this option to load the original images into the IPTC editor. The IPTC editor allows you to manually edit common IPTC fields including the country name, country code, state or province, city, sub-location, headline, caption abstract, and the keywords.

You can also load the IPTC editor immediately before stamping by setting the StampIptcEditorPrompt option.

If the 'Default to previous values for blank fields' box is checked, the last value that you entered for a given IPTC field will be used for blank/missing IPTC fields. This is handy if you're entering data for several images that share the same values for most fields. Press the <TAB> key to move quickly between fields and <CTRL><ENTER> to switch between the IPTC pages on the tabbed interface. If needed, you can type directly in the country and province/state drop-down lists. You may need to do that if your area isn't listed. Click the 'Write IPTC' button to save the data to the image. All writing is lossless.

Among other reasons, you may want to use the custom IPTC data when stamping images.

Processed Copy

Select this option to load the previously processed images into the IPTC editor.

A common workflow is to geocode the images, then reverse geocode them to get as much data as possible into the IPTC headers, and then to use this option to manually check the embedded data and to make final adjustments.

This option is only available if you've already processed the images and if the program's options are set to not overwrite the original images. The path of the processed copy will always be as you previously chose.

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